A little bit of an introduction – my name is Georgia and one of my main interests is studying the impact of emerging scientific technologies on the field of genetics/reproduction, the media hype surrounding such technology and the ethical issues it touches on.

Reproductive medicine is one branch of science that is not short of complex ethical issues and discussion, but that’s what makes it so interesting! As a result, the media is full of misconceptions about the technologies, filled with horror stories to turn the public against the big, bad world of science. In order to take part in informed and accurate debate about these topics, one must be able to draw out the key facts and assess them from all angles – as a scientist or as a member of the general public.

In this blog, I’ll be particularly focusing on so-called ‘controversial’ babies that have been created by reproductive technologies, or even conceived naturally but in a contentious circumstance. I’ll analyse and evaluate the ethical, social and political issues surrounding each baby and discuss the impact this has had, or will have, on the future of reproductive medicine.

Let’s begin here…


Main image obtained from The Independent